Purple Outings 2020

Purple Outings are a series of fun, yet meaningful outreach activities, where our volunteers would meet up with our beneficiaries. Through Purple Outings, SMU Challenge aims to help beneficiaries gain new skills and experiences together with our volunteers.

This year, we will be having 8 exciting virtual Purple Outings with Mountbatten Vocational School. The activities are split into three main themes:


To equip our beneficiaries with relevant digital literacy and financial skills 


Foster creativity and instill sense of ownership through hands-on acitvites


Encourage collaboration between peers through physical activities


Technology and resume writing class

Financial literacy part 1

Financial literacy part 2

This workshop aims to teach students basic digital skills to facilitate their learning in the future through teaching them how to use video conferencing tools (Zoom), basic Microsoft Word skills

and resume writing skills.

Students will be taught the concept of (1) budgeting, saving and investing, and

(2) insurance through an interactive Webinar lesson by our volunteers.

Financial concepts taught in the first class will be incorporated into a virtual amazing race to reinforce their knowledge.


DIY Terrarium


Tamiya Race Car Building

Brush Lettering

This workshop aims to refine the beneficiaries’ motor skills through the learning of brush lettering,

which requires control and patience.

Race Car Building involves many complex steps and various minuscule spare parts. The session seeks to build on students’ active listening skills as well as inculcate discipline and perseverance.

Through building their own terrarium, it allows students to appreciate nature and instill a sense of ownership.



TikTok Dance Competition

Mindful yoga

Beneficiaries and volunteers will partner up to present a performance that they will be proud of. Through this competition, we aim to encourage students to think creatively and communicate clearly with each other!

This session aims to teach the participants the principles and fundamentals of Yoga. This workshop will allow them to center themselves and perform stretches that can help them relax.