Can I join SMU Challenge as a volunteer?

Although volunteers for both Purple Outings and Walk - For - Good have already been recruited, we look forward to seeing you as a participant this year!

What is SMU Challenge all about?

First conceived in 2008, SMU Challenge (SMUCH) is a university-wide community service project that bolsters support for members with special needs in our community. You can find out more about us on the "About" page!


If it rains, will the event still proceed as usual?

Yes, of course! Our carnival will resume indoors, while the walk will be modified accordingly to the weather condition. If you need help with directions, just ask our friendly volunteers, they will be happy to help!

Is the event open to public?

Yes! It is a public event held at SMU Campus Green. Members of the public can purchase their tickets or sign up for our activities at our ticketing booth on the day of the event.

What is the registration process?

It is advisable for participants to register online to ensure you recieve a goodie bag and a free Walk-For-Good T-Shirt! However, you will also be able to register on the event day itself through the registration booth located below SMU Li Ka Shing Library, opposite 1983.

Where do I report on the event day?

Registration will take place at the registration booth located at SMU Li Ka Shing Level 1, opposite 1983 Coffee & Toast from 8am.
The offical flag-off for the walk will happen at Campus Green in multiple waves. Do take note of your flag-off timing and report punctually.

Where can I buy coupons?

Coupons for the games, activities and food will only be sold on the event day itself. Coupons are priced at $10 each, with no limited purchase per person.

I lost my receipt, will I still be able to participate on the event day?

Coupons purchased are irreplacable. However, if you have pre-registered for Walk-For-Good, you can show us your NRIC or SMU card for us to verify your slot for it.

What are the ways I can donate?

You donate through our Give Asia campaign at Thank you for your contribution!

Am I able to change or cancel my slot for the walk?

Yes you can, do send us an email at for us to assist.

| Purple Outing

Can I participate in the Purple Outings?

Volunteer recruitment for Purple Outings has ended already, but you can look out for our volunteer recruitment for Walk-For-Good.